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Do you remember the days when you couldn't wait for summer vacation?

I have to confess that these days, with a thriving business, I experience most of my summer through my kids but . . .

I still manage to balance the activities I need to do to continue to grow this business while having the time of my life over the summer.

How about you?

Well just in case your answer was less than enthusiastic, you might want to check out this week's Sales Playbook Podcast!

Here’s What You’ll Gain By Listening Today . . .

You’ll learn about a really cool list that I’ve been making for the last 3 summers that has made all the difference in the world!

An exercise (and a cool freebie) to help you get back to the things that you absolutely love doing!

Several ways for you to combine great summer fun with getting the work done to pay the bills!

Something people totally screw up when it comes to taking vacation time.

The importance of a “What the hell” day.

A way you can combine business trips with family fun.

A lesson I learned with regard to slowing down when it came to spending time with my daughter.

Resources Mentioned In This Week’s Podcast . . .

1)    How To Create Your Summer Bucket List

2)    Our Rock Notes program.

3)    The Beach Chair Jedi.

4)    You’ll Need To Make Some Decisions This Summer!

5)    VanHove Graphic Communications (the awesome folks who design this website and all my direct mail pieces)

6)    Our second annual Sales Camp Program (which you better hurry and sign up for because it starts on July17th!

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