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Today's quick tip is all about an email that you absolutely MUST send no later than the day after Thanksgiving.

Once you get done with today's quick tip, make sure you stop by our Black Friday Sale where I just announced our latest course (along with a generous early registration discount) as well as deep discounts on my coaching program and on-demand webinars.

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While the rest of the world is mentally checking out on the Tuesday BEFORE Thanksgiving, I decided to step up my game and offer a Quick Sales Tip.

Today, I have a quote and a question that EVERY sales rep should be leveraging!

Think I'm bluffing, then give it a quick listen and when you're done, get on over to our Black Friday event and help support your Uncle Paul over here so I can buy more cigars without my wife giving me hell!


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In this week's episode of The Sales Playbook Podcast, I share 2, very specific ways, you can get a 45 day lead on your competitors.

I also offer 3, totally FREE downloads to help you kick your competitor's ass!

I also announce something really cool that I haven't announced anywhere else! Yep, you'll hear it first on the podcast!

So go ahead  and give this FREE sales lesson a listen during your commute, at the gym, or on that flight your about to take.


When it comes to phone objections, MOST (if not all) of the discussion seems to be around what to say or how to respond.

Instead, let's take a look at the things that will actually provoke the person on the other end of the phone to push back and object.

In this week's episode of The Sales Playbook Podcast we look at 3 things that cause phone objections and more importantly;

What YOU can do about it.

Please give this FREE sales lesson a listen during your commute, at the gym, or on your next flight!

Press "play" on the handy/dandy player below and enjoy!

On a scale from 1-10 . . . 

How are you at avoiding and responding to phone objections?

Come join us for our Objection Buster webinar, this Friday, November 16th, at 11:30 am EST.

I'll be sharing over 25 tips and tactics as well as several templates to help you slam dunk your calling efforts!

Here's what I'm going to share;

  • 5 Ways To "Soften The Target" BEFORE You Make The Call.
  • How To Warm Up and How To Conduct A "Warm Up" Call.
  • 3 Ways To Perfect Your "Pitch".
  • What You MUST Say In The First 8 Seconds Of Your Call.
  • How To Use The Preemptive Strike Tactic To Neutralize Objections.
  • How To Embrace The Power Of "Pattern Interrupts" While Cold Calling.
  • The 3 Step "Objection Buster" Formula.
  • How To Respond To Stalls Like "Send Me Some Information", "Call Me Back Next Month, Next Quarter, After The Holidays", Etc.
  • How To Respond To Typical Objections Such As "Not Interested", "We Already Have A Vendor For That", "We're Under Contract", "No Time To Meet", "No Budget".
  • An Exercise That Will Triple Your Responses To Typical Objections.


Friday, November 16th, at 11:30 am EST.

Can't make it?

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What's Included?

(1) 90 Minute Webinar With Mucho Actionable Tips


Webinar Replay

Cold Call Template

7 Objection Buster Templates

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I have a really cool and timely phone objection resource for you but its timely and you'll want to listen to this ASAP.

Here we are trying to tell our prospects that things will be different with us and yet;

We say and do the same things as our competitors!

I put together a FREE audio lesson for you where I share;

3 out of the box ways for you to stay top of mind when you're most vulnerable;

Between meetings!

Please click the handy/dandy audio player below to enjoy this FREE lesson!

Better HURRY . . . 

If you'd like access to our How To Expedite Your Deals BEFORE Year End webinar, better sign up ASAP.

It all takes place this Thursday, November 8th, at 11:30 am EST and registration is about to end.

Here's what you'll gain by signing up today;

  • How To Get In Front Of Prospects With A Higher Degree of Urgency
  • How To Get Access To ALL Of The Stakeholders Without Offending Your Contact.
  • 1 Thing You Can Do To IMMEDIATELY Stand Out In A Competitive Deal
  • How To IMMEDIATELY Take Control (Without Being Manipulative)
  • The 5 Types Of Questions That Propel The Sale Forward
  • What To Say/Do When Your Prospect Wants To Take 3 Bids.
  • 1 Dozen Ways To Expedite Your Deals.
  • 5 Ways To Keep Your Prospect Engaged and Focused On YOU; Even Between Meetings and Phone Calls!
  • How To Maneuver Your Competitors Into A Defensive Position, Without Badmouthing!

At The End Of The Webinar, You’ll Have A Powerful Framework to Outfox, Outmaneuver, and Outsell your competitors!


This Thursday, November 8th at 11:30 am EST.

Can’t make it on Thursday, November 8th at 11:30 am EST?

Sign up anyway and I’ll send you the webinar replay later that afternoon. View it at a more convenient time! And yes, I'll send you the templates and bonus PDF listed below.

Here’s What You’ll Get . . .

(1) 90 Minute Webinar Packed With Actionable Tips.


Webinar Replay (Sent Later That Day)

2 Templates That Have Been Working Like A Charm For Me

Bonus PDF

What’s The Investment?


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In this week's episode of The Sales Playbook Podcast, I share several ways to keep your deals moving forward especially;

When it's almost year end and we need EVERY deal to make it across the finish line.


How To Expedite Your Deals BEFORE Year End

Join us for our webinar, on November 8th at 11:30 am EST.

Here's what you'll gain by joining us;

First, I'm going to be a good coach and show you how to reduce the probability of being in this situation again by showing you;

  • How to get in front of people who have a much higher degree of URGENCY to make a change NOW.
  • Getting the right people into your meetings. My definition of the "right" people might shock you!

Then, we're going to discuss . . .

  • How to disqualify your competitors from the running WITHOUT badmouthing them.
  • How to emotionally charge up your prospects so they have complete buy in to making a change NOW!
  • How to keep your prospect completely engaged, between meetings and your deal moving forward!
  • How to create a communication plan so you avoid any of that lame "Calling to check in" BS.
  • What to do when your prospect goes silent.
  • What to do when your prospect uses the holidays to stall a decision. You're welcome!

Here's What You'll Get . . .

(1) 90 Minute Webinar Packed With Actionable Tips.


Webinar Replay

2 Templates That Have Been Working Like A Charm For Me

Bonus PDF Sent The Following Week

What's The Investment?

$99 I know, I should have given you more time to refinance your home, sell off a kidney etc but;

I'm thinking if you only get 1 takeaway from our time together;

You'll more than make it back!

Please click HERE ASAP to reserve your spot.

As challenging as the fourth quarter can be for us sales folk;

I believe there's a hidden opportunity that simply DOESN'T exist in Q1-Q3!

In this week's episode of The Sales Playbook Podcast, I share several ways for you actually LEVERAGE the fourth quarter instead of;

Being challenged by it!

How to get the ATTENTION of a decision maker who finds it much easier to simply disregard you!  

Well for starter you might want the 5 cold email templates, 10 subject lines, 1 cold calling template, 7 voicemail templates and;

The 50 tips and tactics I'm going to be sharing during our 50 Ways To Prospect Differently In The Fourth Quarter webinar!

Here’s what I’m going to share;

  • 10 Places Where You Need To Start Looking For Business.
  • How To Find Potential Clients With The Urgency To Buy NOW vs January.
  • 10 Fourth Quarter Specific Messaging Tactics. Said Another Way "How To Leverage The Fourth Quarter Instead Of Being Challenged By It!"
  • 3 LinkedIn Prospecting Tactics That Work Like A Charm.
  • The 3 Snail Mail Tactics That Will Help You Stand Out Immediately!
  • My Updated 4 Step Messaging Framework That Works With Emails, Cold Calls, Snail Mail, LinkedIn, Etc.
  • How To Capture Your Dream Client’s Attention In The First Sentence Of Your Emails, Cold Calls and Voicemails.
  • My 5 BEST Sales Email Templates.
  • 10 Subject Lines That Capture The Recipient's Attention.
  • How To Create A Really Effective Phone Script WITHOUT Sounding Scripted. I’m Also Going To Send You The Template.
  • 7 Voicemail Scripts (With Templates) That Will Help You Stand Out.
  • A “Call To Action” That Actually Inspires ACTION!
  • A Very Different Prospecting Cadence That Mixes Phone, Email, LinkedIn, Snail Mail, Etc.  


Thursday, October 25th, at 11:30 am EST  

What Do You Get?  

(1) 90 Minute Webinar

Webinar Replay


5 Email Templates

1 Phone Template

7 Voicemail Templates  

How Much?  


Please click HERE to reserve your spot.

I have something cool to announce and something even cooler to give away!

Better have a listen before time runs out on this!

I stood at the counter of my local pizzeria, holding my son Paul who was 6 months old and stealing the show.

The owner of the Pizzeria, who I only knew as “The Pizza Dude” (but being from NY I’m sure it had to be Mario or Tony or something) was looking at my son and it was quite evident that he was drifting off on an “outer body experience”.

Turns out, he had been traveling back in time and then said something to me, that I have never forgotten.

In this week's episode of The Sales Playbook Podcast I share it and quite honestly, it wasn't easy because its quite personal!

Important Reminder . . .

Come join us for The 7 Stories EVERY Sales Rep MUST Tell on October 11th, at 11:30 am EST!

Registration is about to end so if you'd like to join us;

Now would be a great time to reserve you spot otherwise;

Here's what you're about to miss;

  • The 7 Frameworks For Compelling Stories.
  • The 7 Sales Stories.
  • The 5 Things That Add Credibility To Your Stories.
  • The Technique I Use To Remember EVERY Story In My Arsenal.
  • How To Use Stories When You Prospect.
  • How To Take A Complex Selling Point And Use A Story To Make It Easier To Comprehend
  • How To Use Stories To Sell Change In An Organization
  • How To Captivate Your Prospect With Your Delivery.
  • How To Leverage The "Theme and Variation" Tactic.


Thursday, October 11th, at 11:30 am EST.

Can't Make It Then?

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What Do You Get?

(1) 90 Minute Webinar


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