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This week's podcast is a very different one for me and I can promise  you'll hear your "Uncle Paul" as you've never heard him before!

I talk about a major failure I experienced when I first started Castain Training Systems back in 2011! It was a setback that humiliated me and made me second guess my ability to do this for a living! Then I take you step, by step through how I turned this setback into a MASSIVE success!

The best part (aside from learning from mistakes) is that the steps I share are easily applied to any setback, lost business, a rut etc even things you are experiencing in your personal life.

You're going to want to pull the car over for this one and take lots of notes because I hold nothing back!

One warning, I was being extremely frank in this podcast and my language got a little colorful at times. I'm not going to apologize to you for that but out of respect, I wanted you to know that I really open up and some of you might be offended. If that's the case, today's an awesome day to go check out someone's else's free audio tip for you!

It's my hope that the ideas I'm about to share with you (and there are quite a few) help you the way they've helped me!

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