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If you're like most sales reps, you're looking at the questions you ask your prospects all wrong!

At a basic level, we're looking for information.

And yes, at a higher level, we're trying to find "the pain" but;

There's so much more that a great question does for us (and the recipient too).

When Was The Last Time You Revised Your Questions?

Come join us  On January 26th, at 11:30 am EST, for our How To Ask AWESOME Sales Questions webinar.

I’m going to be sharing over 25 ideas and tactics with none of that “Look for the pain” or “Make sure you ask open ended questions” BS. You don’t need to pay someone to regurgitate that stuff!

Instead . . .

I’m going to be talking about things like . . .

  • Six Questioning Mistakes That Cost You Business
  • How To Create An Arsenal of AWESOME Questions (You Know, The Ones Your
    Competitors Fail To Ask)
  • Five Types Of Questions With Examples
  • The One Type Of Question That Helps You Take Control
  • The One Type Of Question That Dramatically Increases Your Credibility
  • Three “Questioning Flight Plans” That Can Help You Get BETTER Results
  • How To Create A Conversation Instead Of An Interrogation

To learn more, please click HERE or the banner below.


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