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You can have the greatest meeting in the world with a prospect but, you're still vulnerable when that meeting ends!

How? Well I guess you'll just have to listen to this week's quick tip.

What can you do to keep your prospect highly engaged between meetings? Listen to the free audio tip to find out!

Wishing you all an incredible week ahead!

One More Thing . . .

Those emails you're sending your prospects might suck!

Seriously, they might and when you have an email that even sort of sucks combined with a super busy prospect who gets tons of emails, guess what?

You're disregarded and their attention is awarded to someone (or something) else.

Here's what I'm going to share on October 16th, right on your computer screen!

  • Two, non negotiable things you MUST do BEFORE sending an email to a prospect!
  • 4 Ways to get email addresses without spending a dime on lists.
  • 10 words and phrases you should never use in a subject line
  • 5 Ways to capture someone’s attention in the subject line
  • How to leverage internal/external “peer pressure” to pique interest
  • 10 ways to make your email less salesy and a hell of a lot more interesting
  • How to dramatically increase your response rates and . . .
  • How one really simple thing increased my response rate by 400%

Click HERE or that really cool banner below for more details and to reserve your seat!

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