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Years ago,I heard something that I've never forgotten!

It was a study that found that the majority of a person's learning is done by the time they finish their formal education!

Because I'm an ass, and love to dramatize a point, I can't help but think . . . 

If people are living longer and with the cost of living being what it is, they are now working longer then . . . 

If the average person is starting to work well into their 70's and meanwhile the bulk of their learning stopped in their mid twenties then that's a crazy amount of time to spend rusting! No?

So I figured, it might be time for us to talk about how you can get back to school, accelerate your learning and continually hone your sales craft.

I have lots to share with you including . . . 

The incredible attitude of "humble student" I learned from someone who continually outsells his coworkers and competitors and who was actually just promoted to Vice President of Sales of a 100 million dollar a year printing company!

A lesson I learned from a group of sales reps who didn't have the balls to ask the #1 rep in the company (2 years in a row) how he did it and how I jumped from top 60 (out of 350 reps worldwide) to 12th worldwide by simply ditching my ego.

We'll talk about the things that keep you from wanting to learn, the excuses you tell yourself and how you can overcome them.

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