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File this under "Sad but True" but;

More and more people simply DON'T pick up their phone anymore

So I guess you can try all the little "tricks" like calling before and after hours but even still;

More and more people simply DON'T pick up their phone anymore

I have an approach that has worked really well for me in my business as well as for my coaching clients.

It's resulted in more people taking our calls and;

More people calling us back.

In this week's episode of The Sales Playbook Podcast I share it all, step, by step.

And this isn't a bunch of "theory" or "philosophical training BS";

It's actionable steps that you can IMMEDIATELY implement after the podcast.

So go ahead and give this week's FREE audio sales lesson a go!

Oh and . . .

My focus this year has been on offering ways for YOU to embrace more of a “sales mix”.

So far, we’ve talked about email, LinkedIn, referrals and;

We’ll be talking about yet another form of outreach on April 20th during our 25 Ways To Stand Out With Snail Mail webinar.

Here’s what I’m going to share;

  • One type of card EVERY sales rep MUST leverage (and 8 ways to use it!) And no, it ISN’T your business card or a “Thank you” card. Nice try.
  • One common mistake that immediately bores the reader. A simple, 3 point framework that grabs attention in the first sentence.
  • 12 ways to reduce doubt and skepticism.
  • 12 creative techniques that will position you apart!
  • How to leverage “3 Touch Mini Campaigns” to get in the door.
  • Actual examples of how your peers are using snail mail, to create opportunities, WITHOUT dropping the cash for massive direct mail campaigns.
  • How to use snail mail to WARM up a cold call.

To learn more, please click HERE.

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