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In an ideal world, you and I would get to everything we're supposed to be doing in sales to be successful.

Instead, many of us have experienced a sense that we "Can't get to it all" or "There aren't enough hours in the day" or even;

Working WAAAAAYYYYY too many additional hours to try and get it all done.

Today, I have a simple mindset shift for you (and several tips that are super easy to apply)

This is the podcast you absolutely MUST make the time to listen to and then take the time to apply the ideas in your day to day.

Maximizing Your Time To Achieve BETTER Results

There’s nothing worse than ending the day and feeling like you accomplished NOTHING!

Actually, I lied, there is something worse . . . having multiple days like that!

Sound familiar?

Meanwhile, little by little, we begin to miss the mark, miss opportunities and our paycheck shows it!

But the minute someone mentions “Time Management” we have visions of time tracking and days that are so regimented we feel like we’re about to overdose on structure!

Not on my watch!

I created a really cool webinar (If I do say so myself) that will help you take BETTER control of your day to day.

It all takes place on April 5th, at 11:30 am, and if you don’t have time to join us(I mean how f*cked up is that considering this is a time management webinar?) I’ll even send you the replay.

Here’s what we’re going to discuss;

  • The 3 things that MUST dominate your calendar. We’ll talk about how to get them on your calendar, and most importantly, KEEP them on your calendar.
  • The one thing that steals 25% of a sales rep’s time and how YOU can steal it back!
  • How to instantly become MORE productive WITHOUT adding more hours to your day.
  • How to get MORE prospecting time on your calendar WITHOUT adding more hours to your day.
  • How to blow off unnecessary meetings WITHOUT being a jerk.
  • How to use drive time/travel time to your advantage.
  • The 3 sales activities you can easily automate to save tons of time.


April 5th at 11:30 am EST.

What Do You Get?

(1) 90 Minute Webinar


Webinar Replay

Bonus PDF With Additional Content, Exercises, Etc.

How Much?

$99 and let’s be honest;

You spend WAY more than that when time manages you instead of YOU managing your time!

Please click HERE to reserve your spot BEFORE you get too busy to attend a time management webinar

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