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In this week's episode of The Sales Playbook Podcast we talk about the categories of things that impact your sales results.

This is an episode where you're going to want to take notes because I hold nothing back and share mucho ACTIONABLE tips!

Ready To ACCELERATE Your Sales Results?

Join us on June 14th, at 11:30 am EST for our ACCELERATE webinar.

This webinar is going to be quite different than anything I've ever offered before in that there will be 2 assignments where you will get personalized email feedback AFTER the webinar.

Here's what we're going to cover;

  • Taking Inventory Of Your Strengths and Weaknesses (You'll use my evaluation form and receive personalized, email feedback)
  • Creating An Action Plan To Bring Your Results To New Heights
  • The 3 Drivers To Increasing Sales
  • The 5 Obstacles That Typically Get In The Way
  • The "10 Things" Exercise (You'll receive personalized, email feedback)
  • Creating Your Own Personal "War Room"
  • The One, Non-Negotiable Thing That Needs To Be Scheduled (Besides Prospecting)
  • 5 Ways To Guard Your Time
  • A Simple Thing You MUST Do On Your Way To and From Work Each Day

At the end of the webinar, you'll have a BETTER plan to take with you for the second half of 2018 and quite frankly, for the rest of your life!

But . . .

You'll also have something most webinars DON'T provide;

Feedback and  support from the host!


June 14th, at 11:30 am EST.

What Do You Get?

(1) 90 minute webinar

(1) Self Evaluation (It's informal and fun so don't worry)

Email Feedback Once You Submit The Evaluation.

Email Feedback Once You Submit Your "10 Things Exercise)

Email Support For 30 Days

How Much?


I'm not going to be able to take on an unlimited amount of participants for this one so my advice would be to reserve your spot now.

Please click HERE to reserve your spot today!

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