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There are 3 things you need to have in place if you'd like to get better at sales.

In this week's episode of The Sales Playbook Podcast we talk about my 3 step accelerated performance framework and how you can use it to;

Give your sales a serious jolt!

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Here's Another Resource To Help You Sell More!

So for those of you who would like to pick up the pace NOW and get a few more deals in the bank;

I've created something that I've never offered before and won't have the time to offer again this year.

It's appropriately titled How To Increase Your Sales and includes a 90 minute online workshop and a 1 on 1 coaching session to help YOU;

Kick Ass At A Higher Level!

Here's what you'll discover by joining us;

  • 75+ things we can learn from sales rock stars.
  • A detailed, easy to implement plan, that helps you get in front of more opportunities with both your prospects and clients.
  • How to juggle your hunting activities with the other 20,000 things on your plate.
  • 10 ways to stand out with your potential clients
  • The questioning mistake that costs you business with prospects and clients.
  • 3 ways to skyrocket your referrals.
  • 6 ways to EXPEDITE your deals WITHOUT coming across as desperate.
  • A customized, 1 on 1 coaching session to zero in on your challenges and opportunities


Thursday, September 13th, at 11:30 am EST.

What's Included?

(1) 90 minute workshop with over 25 tips and tactics to help you increase your sales.

Webinar replay in case you can't join us live or if you'd like to review again.


Homework assignment where you'll submit your action plan to me and I will offer feedback (via email)

(1) 30 minute, 1 on 1 coaching session to address your challenges and opportunities.

How much?


So if you'd like to push yourself a bit, try some new tactics and;

Have someone to report back to who is genuinely interested in your success;

Click HERE ASAP to get started!

Perhaps its time for us to work together!

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